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FOGR computing is an extension of the concept of cloud computing. It mainly uses the devices in the edge network, and the data transmission has very low delay. FOGR computing is a large-scale sensor network with a large number of network nodes. FOGR computing has good mobility. Devices and devices can communicate directly with each other, supporting high mobility.

FOGR computing is not composed of powerful servers, but of various types of computers with similar performance and more dispersed geographical location. FOGR computing is between cloud computing and personal computing. It is a semi virtualized service computing architecture model. In FOGR computing, we focus on the quantity rather than quality of hardware. Even devices with weak computing power can play a role. Compared with cloud computing, the architecture of FOGR computing is more distributed and closer to the edge of the network. FOGR computing distributes data, computing and applications in various devices at the edge of the network, unlike cloud computing, which saves almost all of them in the centralized cloud. The storage and processing of data depend more on local or nearby devices than servers. FOGR computing is a new generation of distributed computing, which is more in line with the decentralized characteristics of the Internet and blockchain.

FOGR computing expands the network computing mode of cloud computing and extends network computing from the network center to the network edge, so it is more widely used in various services. FOGR computing has several obvious characteristics: low latency and location awareness, wider geographical distribution, adapting to mobile applications, and supporting more edge nodes. These characteristics make the deployment of mobile services more convenient and meet a wider range of node access.

In terms of application, the final result of the development of the Internet of things is to interconnect all electronic devices, mobile terminals, household appliances and so on. These devices are not only huge in number, but also widely distributed. FOGR computing is suitable for this scenario. The actual demand provides development opportunities for FOGR computing. With fog computing, many businesses can be deployed. For example, the application and deployment of the Internet of vehicles require rich connection modes and interactions. Car to car, car to access point (wireless network, LTE, intelligent traffic light, navigation satellite network, etc.), access point to access point. FOGR computing can provide information, entertainment, safety, traffic security and other services in the service menu of the Internet of vehicles. Intelligent traffic lights especially need the calculation of mobility and location information. The amount of calculation is small, but it has high requirements for time delay. Obviously, only fog calculation is most suitable.

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