Side chain to the backbone transfer

The transfer security of the FOGR side chain to the main chain is guaranteed through the arbitrator mechanism of the main chain. The following is the transfer process: The u ser initiates the extraction pass transaction from the address u through the wallet in the side chain, extracts m FOGR, and sends the address U, in the backbone to the side chain, this transaction is marked as ab3.

The miner nodes in the side chain package the transactions containing ab3 and successfully.

The rotating arbitrator node A takes the ab3. from the side chain node that runs itself

The rotating arbitrator node A constructs a transaction under ab3 transferring m SPF fro m S to U on the backbone ab4, broadcasts this transaction to all the arbitrator node signatures.

The rotating arbitrator node A receives more than 2 / 3 of the arbitrators' signatures of the ab4 and submits the ab4 carrying those signatures to the main chain.

Miners pack deals containing ab4 out of blocks.

After waiting for enough confirmation, the user saw his backbone address U entered into m FOGR. s on the wallet

Side chains package the ab2 out of the blocks.

After waiting for eno u gh co n firmation, the user recorded n FOGR. s with his side chain address u that he saw on the wallet

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