With a combination of technologies such as K 8S and Docker containers, we will create a new protocol for decentralized computing power protocol called DCPP (Decentralized Computing Power Protocol) designed for large area of unequal computing devices.The protocol is designed to enable maximum compatibility with operating on existing devices provided by dozens of manufacturers on the market without proprietary technology or solutions.The FOGR networks and participants should comply with the DCPP specification.The user pays the miners in the network for the computing power it uses, and the miners receive a double reward for new cast tokens and users paying tokens for providing computing power.

At present, there are a variety of communication technologies and protocols available, which is fundamentally an agreement on data transmission control.In fact, each network uses a different communication protocol.These communication protocols also have different advantages in data format, synchronization mode, transmission speed, transmission steps, error correction methods, and control character definition.However, we believe that decentralized fog computing platforms should use non-proprietary and more efficient protocols and modulation schemes.And the participants in the FOGR network should be free to choose between the hardware vendors.Open alliances built on proprietary hardware are temporary but not optimal schemes.While many open standard stacks are used in the first generation of computing power products we will launch, there are still none of our criteria for ultra-efficient transmission and as low power as possible.It is this lack of solutions that drives us wanting to create completely new agreements.

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