sWASM technology

WebAssembly has gained a lot of attention more recently.WebAssembly is a new type of code created and defined by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, the World Wide Web Alliance), capable of executing efficiently in modern browsers.

Why is the WebAssembly unique?

Since sWASM has a stack-based low-level binary format and is small by default, fast loading and execution are possible.After the browser downloads the WASM code, you can quickly convert it into an assembly of any computer.


Supported by multiple JavaScript engines and runtime environments, it can be performed in most modern browsers.

The Go/Rust/C/C + + language can be compiled directly to WASM

Ability to quickly adapt to all machine-level architectures, with extremely high performance

Equipped with instruction sets compatible with most modern hardware architectures

Approaching local operating speeds on most platforms

s WASM (FOGR WebAssembly) is the WebAssembly. of FOGR

Its specific design objectives:

🔵Build EVM converters and add metering injectors as a eWASM contract;

🔵Publish clear and detailed specifications: Ethereum interface, eWASM contract

semantics, and details;

🔵Build a eWASM backend for the solc compiler;

🔵Provide corresponding instructions and libraries for C and Rust languages to

support intelligent contract writing;

🔵sWASM can be directly converted to compiled code, increasing loading speed and substantially increasing the volume each block can handle.

eWASM also eliminates the dependency on precompilation.Pre-compilation is a special bit of SVM bytecode, with the advantage of saving gas costs and performing efficient cryptography.Most cases it is almost impossible to control the gas required to create the contract without pre-compiling. eWASM's gas is so efficient that it saves most or even all of the precompilation.

eWASM is able to interact with multiple languages and has a broader set of developer tools.eWASM will support the C/C + + / Rust language.

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